Median counselors

“What has been wounded in relationship must be, after all, healed in relationship.” — Annie G. Rogers

Each of the Median Center’s counselors brings their unique gifts to the practice united in the goal to help people live more fulfilling lives.

Marilyn Finch Williams, LCSW
Psychotherapist, MEDIAN Founder

Marilyn has been an Individual and Family Therapist for 31 years, with 12 years of primary training in multi-generational family process with Edwin H. Friedman, author of “Generation to Generation-Family Process in Church and Synagogue” and “A Failure of Nerve-Leadership in the Age of the Quick Fix.” Above all, Dr. Friedman taught his students the value of a non-anxious presence in any system, an idea Marilyn tries to bring to her relationships with clients who suffer from a variety of symptoms, including depression, anxiety, addiction, family and adolescent issues, relationship issues, PTSD, and developmental trauma. Marilyn helps her clients use the signal provided by the symptom experienced to become less reactive and more self-defined in the presence of the chronic anxiety that is part of any emotional system.

In the last eight years, Marilyn has used NeurOptimal® neurofeedback in conjunction with therapy. Her experience using this technology with herself, her children, and her clients reveals that people are able to make desired changes much more seamlessly and in a shorter time frame. She thinks of herself as a Johnny Appleseed of NeurOptimal®, and hopes to relieve human suffering one person at a time by calming one brain at a time.

Marilyn began her career working with the families of terrorist victims for the Office for Combatting Terrorism at the U.S. Department of State. She earned her Master of Social Work from Catholic University and has a BA in International Relations. In addition she is a Certified Enneagram Teacher, an Advanced NeurOptimal® Trainer, and a Scream-Free Parenting® Trainer, as well as a former Adjunct Professor in the School of Social Work at George Mason University.

In addition to her therapy practice, Marilyn is a sought-after lecturer, speaker, trainer, consultant, and retreat-leader. She also provides Supervision for candidates for Clinical Licensure. Please contact her if you or your parent, church group, or business is interested in speaking, lecturing or training services on these and other topics:

  • Emotional Process in Systems
  • Scream-Free Parenting
  • Enneagram Workshops
  • Addiction
  • Parenting Your Adolescent

Rob Bamberger, MSW

Rob is a psychotherapist working toward licensure under the supervision of Marilyn Williams. Rob earned his Master of Social Work (MSW) from George Mason University, and is a 2014 graduate of the National Group Psychotherapy Institute (NGPI), a two-year program with the Washington School of Psychiatry. He has interned at the George Mason University Center for Psychological Services and at IONA Senior Services in the District of Columbia. At IONA, Rob co-facilitates a support group for adult children caregivers who have a parent experiencing dementia. Rob also volunteers in the capacity of mental health professional for a military families support group that meets at the Arlington national headquarters of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors). Rob’s interests are in working with individuals and groups in the areas of anxiety, depression, life transition, and eldercare.