I am always pleased to see articles, such as this one that appeared recently in The Washington Post, attempt to describe the workings and benefits of neurofeedback. It is often frustrating, however, to read it described as “cutting edge”, knowing that NeurOptimal®, developed by Sue and Valdeane Brown (after years of using the “old” neurofeedback) is the state-of-the-art in brain training, and AVAILABLE NOW. Available paradoxically, much less expensively, much safer and more effectively.

I often refer to the Browns collectively as the “Steve Jobs of neurofeedback.” Jobs did not invent computers, however (depending, of course, on what you think of Apple technology) he did perfect the genre; streamlining it, making it more intuitive, and the like.

While this analogy to NeurOptimal® fits in many ways, it also falls far short of capturing the extraordinary and elegant differences between NeurOptima®l and the other currently accepted forms of neurofeedback.

Once you have read the Post article, you will likely have a rudimentary understanding of how and why neurofeedback “works”. Then, imagine, if you will, that the only “expert” required with NeurOptimal® is your own brain. This most sophisticated of software, which records the brain’s electrical activity at 256 times a second, is, I am fond of saying, “idiot-proof”—relying on the mirroring-effect, i.e. feeding back to one’s brain, information about itself, so that the brain itself makes the changes it needs to functional more optimally. No diagnosis is required. There is no such thing as training to a norm. Each brain is unique. The information simply allows your brain to change, if need be, what it “sees” in the mirror. It is non-invasive, easy to use, completely safe, side-effect free, holistic, and in the long run much less expensive. Diagnosis, interpretation and thus highly paid neuroscience experts are completely unnecessary. Your brain (and not even the conscious part of it, at that) knows what it needs.

This chart summarizes the basic differences between Neuroptimal® and “the rest.”

While MEDIAN offers NeurOptimal® as a stand-alone, or in combination with psychotherapy and Family Therapy at our Clinic, this, most sophisticated of technologies, can be used at home or by other non-neuroscience trained professionals, such as coaches, chiropractors, teachers, alternative therapy practitioners and the like.

In my periodic posts, my mission, albeit sometimes a struggle, will be to put into understandable words, concepts that are hard to comprehend. I hope you will continue to check in with us and write me marilyn@mediancenter.com or call 571-933-8342 if you have any questions or comments.

Explaining the Unexplainable
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